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Pocklington School: A Celebration of 500 Years

Since the first history of Pocklington School was published in 1950, research has revealed a great deal of fresh material and photographs. 500 years is a remarkably long time for a school to survive, and still to be on its original site. The new history, published in time for the school’s quincentenary in 201, tracks these five centuries through prosperous times and poor, revealing eras of distinction and also low points when the school all but ceased to operate, and then brings us right up to date with the school as it is today, a thriving, busy, vibrant and happy community.  To order your copy please contact the school on 01759 321200.

Edited by Darrell Buttery, published by Third Millennium, 25 September 2013, hardback, 290 x 240mm, 192pp

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