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Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation is a registered charity founded in 2002 in memory of Caroline Ann Stuttle with the aim of promoting travel safety amongst young travellers. The OPA has teamed up with Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation to provide travel safety tips for OPs of all ages who are planning to go travelling or take a gap year.

Top Ten Travel Safety Tips

  1. Research local customs, laws and cultures before you travel
  2. Visit your doctor for relevant vaccinations and medications a few months before you travel
  3. Don’t necessarily purchase the cheapest insurance, it may not cover your activities
  4. Leave copies of your travel documents with someone at home in case the originals are lost or stolen
  5. Try to learn a few phrases in the local language, this could be helpful particularly when arriving somewhere new
  6. Pre-book your accommodations in a new location, especially if you plan to arrive after dark
  7. Check that the locks in your accommodation work correctly, also check the fire evacuation procedure
  8. Don’t carry lots of money around with you, only carry what you need for the day
  9. Be careful when taking photographs, you could cause offence and attract unwanted attention from officials
  10. Nothing is worth more than your life. Belongings can be replaced and, if challenged, letting go could save your life

For further travel information and support please visit Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation web site or e-mail.

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